A Quick Overview of Commoxy

Getting started

Send your browser to commoxy.org. You will be redirected to a login page:
Choose a username (lower case, start with a letter, etc.). Also a password. Optionally, a "human" name. And at the bottom, fill in a room name to start in.

Rooms, like users, have simple names. If you name a room which doesn't exist, it'll be created. The person who creates the room is the owner of it.

There'll be a big startup circle welcoming you. Click it, and you should hear a little "online" sound.

Main Screen: Messages

At the top are messages, scrollable if they don't fit on the screen:
Lines starting with a are audio. The indicator will be green if you haven't heard that message yet, otherwise pink. Click the indicator, and it'll play.

Lines starting with a are text messages. If it's too long, it'll end with ellipses. Click on the text, and a viewing window will pop up to see the text in its entirety.

Main Screen: Send Audio

The next line has a red circle centered. When you click the red circle, a recording from your mic will start. To the left, a counter appears, indicating your recording duration. to the right, a cancel button appears.

Record your message. If you stumble and don't like your result, click the cancel. Otherwise click the progress bars which took the place of the red circle. Your audio will be uploaded and posted to the room. If there is text in the text input box, it will be included, as a label for your audio message.

Main Screen: Texting

The final line is for texting. Type in text and hit enter (or click the send symbol) to post text to the room.

Differences from Jitsi etc.

The big difference when using Commoxy is that there are no collisions. Any playback is just suspended while you record, then continues after you're done recording. If two or more people record at once, the Commoxy server sequences them, so room members will hear them one after the other. (You'll hear what the other person sent while you were recording, and they will hear you.)

Because each audio message is its own entry, you can also click on one to hear it again.

Like Jitsi, Commoxy is open source